How Proper Gutter Maintenance Can Prevent Roof Overheating

a residential property with a clean roof and gutters

Heat is harsh on our gutter systems–and we get a lot of heat here in Melbourne. Hot temperatures can cause gutters to warp, generating flaws around screws, weakening the connection between the gutter and the property, and changing their shape. You may also see cracking, and twisting, and leaky joints. Gutters that spend more time […]

5 Top Tips for Maintaining Clean Gutters Between Professional Cleanings

melbourne roofs

Ah, Melbourne in the summer – a season of backyard cricket, barbies, and… clogged gutters. That’s right – as we enjoy the sunny days and balmy nights, our gutters silently collect leaves, twigs, and the occasional rogue frisbee. Keeping them clean isn’t just a chore, it’s a necessity to prevent water damage and unwanted guests […]

Can Clean Gutters Lower Your Home Insurance Premium?

Pressure washing gutters clean in Melbourne

Clients have asked us, ‘Can I reduce my home insurance fee if I keep my gutters clean?’ We are going to address this question for others who might be curious. So, whether you’re one of our customers or found us by Googling the question: does keeping my gutters clean reduce my home insurance cost? We […]

Summer Gutter Safety: DIY Quick Tips

A man cleaning his gutters

Summer is here, and whilst we enjoy the warmer weather and the sunny skies, it’s important not to neglect your home maintenance. When the inclement weather abates, it can be easy to forget about your gutters. With heavy winds and rains, many of us have concerns about our roofs, keeping an eye out for drips […]

Gutter Maintenance for Homes With Solar Panels

a solar panel growing weeds

Victoria accounts for around 20% of Australia’s solar panel installations. We Melbournians love solar, and as solar energy systems get cheaper and incentives for installation increase, their growth in popularity is inevitable. This means the roof of your home is responsible for even more than protecting your property from the elements and animals, it’s not […]

How to Extend the Life of your Roof

a roof with terracotta tiles in Melbourne

Your roof is the back bone of your home. It keeps you safe and dry. No more so than in 2022 when we all suffered through that La Nina, but at least it gave us Melbournians some weather to complain about. Replacement of your roof can be an expensive task, but here at Portervac we […]

A Customer Testimonial: Kate from Croydon South

a property in Croydon South with terracotta tiles

A customer from Croydon South, Victoria (in Melbourne’s East) got in touch as she’d had some minor water damage on her property built in the late 60s. In fact, we used a picture of Kate’s roof in one of our blog posts late last year – a reminder on how to check if your gutters […]

Should you Reseal your Roof?

Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home’s structure, protecting you and your family from the elements year-round. Over time, your roof can become damaged or worn, leading to leaks and other problems. We have a blog post on ‘worn’ roofs available here. One potential solution to these issues is to […]

Here’s What You Should Know About Replacing Your Terracotta Roof Tiles

If you live in Melbourne, you’ll have seen many homes with terracotta tiles. Maybe you’re lucky enough to own one of these properties and you want to know about maintaining your terracotta tiles. Perhaps you have some that are worn, damaged, or need a clean. Here’s what you need to know about replacing your terracotta […]