PorterVac owes it continuing success to the people who make it great. While gutter cleaning is our core service, all of our service team members are fully qualified roofing professionals, capable and highly experienced with providing a range of roofing and other property maintenance services.

By using professional roof tilers with working at heights safety qualifications, you can be assured that the job will be completed quickly and with excellent results without compromising safety or risking damage to your property.

The vast experience that our team members bring to the business has helped us develop our processes and finely tune them to produce the highest quality service to our clients. The continued growth of PorterVac owes a lot to the quality of our team’s skills that have developed over many years as roof tilers and roofing specialists.


Dave Porter

Dave porter is the owner of PorterVac, With over 20 years of experience, he has extensive industry knowledge working and managing both residential and commercial projects. Dave is a passionate, friendly and hardworking individual with a ‘can do’ attitude who delivers nothing but exceptional customer service. Whilst being on the job and seeing the backwards way in which leaves and debris were taken from gutters, he came up with the no mess vacuum system we now use today. Drink of choice - Coke "no sugar". Favourite song - Over the rainbow, Judy Garland.

....Has also been known to finish 4 burgers in one sitting.

Brayden Cameron
General Manager

Brayden is our General Manager. Whilst he has been involved in the roofing industry in many different aspects since 2007, It was around 2013 As Dave took a step out of the business in an attempt to grow it Brayden became the General Manager of then a 5 person team , further developing the company to employ 30+ employees. Drink of choice - CC & Dry Favourite song - Get low lil jon. known to be the companies best overall sportsman in all aspects (information definitely not written by him)

Russell Beard
Client Relationship Manager (National)

Russell Beard Is our Client Relationship Manager (National) He established his own vacuum gutter cleaning business over 8 years which was acquired by PorterVac in June 2015. Russell has extensive experience dealing with Owners Corporations, Real Estate Property Management, Schools, Local Councils, Retirement Villages and other commercial clients. Russell holds qualifications in Marketing and brings a wealth of experience in sales & relationship management, administration, and project management. Drink of choice - Green tea or something hipster. Favourite song - Baby Shark.

Adam Gordon
Client Relationships Victoria

Adam has been working in the roofing industry for the last 14 years, He is at the forefront of our team in regards to quoting and educating our customers on the best move forward for there roofing needs. Drink of choice - CC & Dry, Favourite song - Stormzy - Shutup.

Mat Taylor
Client Relationship Manager (VIC)
Mat has been in the roofing industry for 12 years, Mostly managing our Commercial jobs / Big domestic jobs - with his can do attitude theres nothing Matty cant sort.
Trevor Dye
Roof Restoration Specialist

Trevor is a 20-year veteran of the roofing industry, On the back of Trevor having a great eye for detail and accepting nothing less than perfection PorterVac is proud to offer a 7 year guarantee on all full roof restorations. Trevor is a professional from anything as small as leak detection to full roof resprays.

Dale Young
A Grade FIeldworker
Dale has been in the roofing industry since early 2008. In that time he managed his crew of tilers on new and old roofs daily. He is also a qualified carpenter by trade making him very knowledgeable!
Michael Leonard
A Grade Fieldworker
Mick has been in the roofing industry since early 2004. Whilst a lot of his time related to roof plumbing he is just as good in the roof tiling domain!
Ben Ford
Ben has been with Portervac for around 2 years. Originally from his own business as a roof tiler restorer . With Ben comes a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to services such as leak detection, resprays, Rebedding and Pointing.
Jeremy Lamvohee
Jeremy has been a vital part of our team for around 4 Years. He is known for his eye for detail and educating the customer or every job.
William Munson
Sydney Fieldworker

Billy as he would prefer to be called - Has been a member of the PorterVac Team for around 5 years. Recently tackling Sydney head on and enjoying everything that comes with his new role.

Daniel Druch
A Grade Fieldworker
Druchy has been a significant part of the team for around 5 Years now. After launching Sydney in 2016 he has come back to Melbourne to be closer to his family. Daniels Can-Do attitude and great eye for detail have made him one of our senior staff members.
Dale Chrich
A Grade Fieldworker
Dale has been apart of our team for Nearly 3 years. He is originally from the UK working predominantly on slate jobs. We find him to be very knowledgable and a customer favourite.
Greg Amey

Greg has been with PorterVac a little under a year. He brings around 25+ years to our team in experience. Greg is an absolute asset to our team and possibly the most positive guy we have met.

Jack Barrie-Sewell

Jack has been with PorterVac for around 3 years. In that time he has made a real impact as a goto guy. With his can-do attitude he has helped alongside our Victorian and New South Wales branch time and time again.

Mitch Warne

Mitch has been with PorterVac for around 2 years. In that time he has proven himself to be a team player completing any task put in front of him. He has become a great asset to the company and we look forward to what the future may bring for Mitch.

Tim King
Tim is an outstanding fieldworker. We constantly get feedback from customers about how he went above and beyond.
Matt O'heir
Roof Restorer
Matty has been a vital part of our roofing team. He has been at the forefront of restorations for around 10 years.
Kristian Collins
Roof Restorer

Kristian is a gun roofer. He has been with the PorterVac team for around 4 years.

Jack Stevens
Roofing Apprentice

Jack in nearing the end of his Second year at PorterVac. He strives to deliver a high quality finish on every job he sets foot on.

Matt Hayes

Matt is a great addition to the PorterVac team. He has around 25+ Years of roofing knowledge working in both the commercial and domestic industry.

Kat Bourke
Kat is on our Scheduling team, She plays a vital role in our day to day runnings, She deals with mostly our commercial sector but still helps with our domestic clients daily.
Kayne Brewer
Scheduler / Customer Relations
Kayne is on our Scheduling team / Customer service team. He prides himself on making sure our customers are 100% happy with the outcome of work !
Grace N'go

Grace has been a vital part of the PorterVac team for around 2 years. She deals with our accounts and anything numbers based. When shes not in the office she's looking after her first born son Wilson (puppy) "who's a good boy,Wilson is"

Casey Child

Casey is one our Schedulers. With a background in the roofing industry she has slotted into her brand new role with ease. She maintains close personal interaction between PorterVac and mostly our Commercial clients.

Kristy Canale

Kristy is one our Schedulers. She oversees all administrative duties and assists in making sure our on the road teams runs are smooth and efficient. With a background in Construction services, she maintains close personal interaction between PorterVac and our clients