Solar panels that are not regularly cleaned using the right equipment can suffer a dramatically shorter lifespan and also lose up to 40% of their energy generating potential

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Solar panels are a great way to save money and the environment, but unless they are cleaned regularly you will soon have some very expensive roof ornaments collecting dust, airborne pollution and animal waste which can all be corrosive to the materials in your solar panels.

This is why you need to protect your investment with a professional clean using the right equipment and specially treated water to increase the energy output and lifespan of your solar panels.

Benefits of Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Maximize Energy Production
  • Increase The Lifespan Of Your Investment
  • Professional, Qualified And Insured Tradespeople
  • Highest Safety Standards
  • Instant Quote And Appointment Setting
  • Superior Clean With Distilled & De-Ionised Water
  • Protect Your Solar Panels From Harmful Detergents Or Chemicals

Benefits of Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

You want to make sure you get the best possible return on the Solar Panels on your property. To do this means you need to treat these sensitive panels with care.

We use a a special water purification system that distils and de-ionizes tap water onsite.

This water is extremely effective at cleaning solar panels and removes the need for soaps, detergents and chemicals used by other companies, which can cause long-term damage to your solar panels.

Only Qualified Roof Tilers on Your Roof

Working with water on roofs can be highly dangerous. You need to be confident that the workers on your property are fully qualified and insured to protect yourself and your assets.

Porter Vac uses only experienced qualified roof tilers for all solar panel cleaning.

This means you are protected, you will not have some clumsy amateur stomping around your roof breaking tiles and causing damage. We will also be able to identify any other potential issues whilst we are on your roof before they cause future damage to your property.

We also guarantee that our fully qualified and insured tradespeople will always arrive on time and leave your property cleaner than when we arrived.

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We will answer any questions you may have about your solar panels and provide a free quote for your solar panel cleaning work.



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