Superior experience, equipment and customer service make porter vac The only choice for a long lasting, no mess vacuum gutter cleaning

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When you need your home gutters cleaned properly and professionally, Porter Vac will make the entire roof gutter cleaning service fast, affordable and stress-free, leaving you with immaculately clean gutters and downpipes using our state of the art, truck mounted, vacuum suction technology.

Why Choose Porter Vac for Roof Gutter Cleaning?

  • Fully Qualified, Insured and Experienced Tradesmen
  • Cutting Edge, No Mess Vacuum Technology
  • Affordable Gutter Cleaning Prices
  • Instant Quote and Fast Appointment Setting
  • Before and After Photos Provided
  • Highest Roofing Safety Standards
  • Free Onsite Roof Inspection With Every Clean

Cutting Edge, No Mess Vacuum Technology

Porter Vac uses cutting edge commercial vacuum gutter cleaning technology that cuts down drastically on mess and massively increases the quality of our results.

Our commercial grade vacuum technology gets deep down into your roof guttering downpipes too, making sure you get a complete roof gutter cleaning service with no blockages to worry about.

Instant Quote & Fast Appointment Setting

Don’t wait around for a quote, our friendly staff can provide you with a home gutter cleaning estimate and set an appointment time lightning fast during business hours.

Simply call 1300 833 399, or use our instant gutter cleaning Quote Form to get a quick estimate cost for our service in your area.

Before and After Photos Provided

All of our tradesmen have spent years working on steep pitch roofs so you don’t have to worry about amateurs stomping around, breaking tiles and causing damage that you will only become aware of in the next heavy downpour. You won’t have to take our word for it either, because we’ll provide before and after photos of the job offering you piece of mind.

Highest Roofing Safety Standards

While fully insured, we don’t take any unnecessary risks with our tradesmen’s safety. Our experienced roof tilers take every opportunity to ensure their own safety and take care to prevent damage to your property. Working on roofs is dangerous, so please call on the professionals to do your gutter cleaning for you.

Free Onsite Roof Inspection with Every Clean

With every roof gutter cleaning service provided by PorterVac, you will also receive a FREE Onsite Roof Inspection valued at $297.00 carried out by our gutter cleaners, who are also experienced and qualified roof tilers.

Our Onsite Roof Inspection Report will inform you of any broken tiles, ridge, flashing or other damage that could become a bigger problem down the road.



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