5 Top Tips for Maintaining Clean Gutters Between Professional Cleanings

Ah, Melbourne in the summer – a season of backyard cricket, barbies, and… clogged gutters. That’s right – as we enjoy the sunny days and balmy nights, our gutters silently collect leaves, twigs, and the occasional rogue frisbee. Keeping them clean isn’t just a chore, it’s a necessity to prevent water damage and unwanted guests (and no, we’re not talking about your in-laws). So, before you plan your next beach day or backyard cricket match, let’s dive into some top tips for gutter maintenance that are easier than deciding whether to put the steaks or the snags on the barbie first!

1. Regular Gutter Debris Removal:

Just like checking your letterbox, make a habit of peeking into your gutters occasionally. Removing leaves, twigs, and debris regularly prevents build-up, especially after those windy Melbourne days. A quick scoop-out can save you a lot of hassle down the line. You can never tell what Melbourne weather will throw at us; hot one moment and raining the next. Gutters free of blockages will reduce the possibility of disaster.

2. Use a Hose for Minor Cleanings:

A simple garden hose can be your best friend for in-between maintenance. Every now and then, especially after dry spells, give your gutters a gentle rinse. This will dislodge minor debris and dust, keeping the channels clear. Warning: don’t use a high-pressure hose, as it can damage the gutters and roof tiles.

Your standard garden hose on your gutters can be a quick and easy way to keep things flowing smoothly.

Note: While using a hose can be a solution in some cases, the use of an industrial gutter-cleaning vacuum is the optimal method, as it removes the debris completely. A hose can, in some cases, dislodge the debris into your downpipes, causing a blockage to your stormwater drainage.

3. Downspout Check and Clear:

Don’t forget the downspouts! A blocked downspout can cause water to back up faster than a queue at the new Insta-famous Melbourne café. Give them a good flush with a hose to ensure they’re clear and functioning properly.

gutter clogged with foliage
Low angle view at house gutter with plants against sky. Gutter garden.


4. Trim Overhanging Trees:

Those beautiful gum trees are quintessentially Australian, but they can be a nuisance for your gutters. Keep branches trimmed back to reduce the amount of leaves, twigs, and gum nuts falling into the gutters.

If you live next to council land, like a park or through-way, with tree branches overhanging your property, don’t be afraid to contact the council. Often, they are able to attend to the area and trim back those meddlesome branches to protect your property.

5. Seasonal Inspections:

Finally, don’t just set and forget. Each season brings different challenges for gutters. Summer storms can dislodge them, and heat can crack the older gutters. Inspect thoroughly at the end of each season or after a big storm to catch any issues early.

Life moves fast, and routine home maintenance is easily forgotten. At PorterVac we will send you a reminder every 12 months (or whatever period is right for your property) to remind you about your next gutter cleaning. We understand gutters are easily forgotten while things are running smoothly – it’s when you have a blocked or leaky gutter that things move quickly!

These top tips will help you maintain your gutters in between your bigger cleans. Whether you DIY cleaning your gutters, or you’ve opted for gutter cleaning professionals, staying on top of the day-to-day health of your gutters and roof will protect your home for the long term and save your wallet in the process.

If you’d like help maintaining your gutters and/or your roof, give our professionals a call.  We’re 5-star rated on Google with over 300+ reviews, and we’ve been servicing Melbourne’s homes and businesses for years. If you’d like to read more about our eco-friendly, sustainable practices, click here (link to be provided when a new page is live). And, if you’re interested in gutter cleaning for your business, we have information on commercial gutter cleaning here.

Reach out to PorterVac today and step into a worry-free world where gutter cleaning is no longer your concern but our commitment.

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