a solar panel growing weeds
A solar panel growing weeds

Victoria accounts for around 20% of Australia’s solar panel installations. We Melbournians love solar, and as solar energy systems get cheaper and incentives for installation increase, their growth in popularity is inevitable. This means the roof of your home is responsible for even more than protecting your property from the elements and animals, it’s not propping up your energy system.

We have written before about what to do if your gutters are overflowing and when and how often you should clean your gutters. But, we wanted to flag gutter maintenance for homes with solar panels.

If your home has solar panels, here’s what you should know about gutter maintenance.

How often should I clean my gutters?

It can depend on your property, its location and circumstances. If you check our post on when and how often you should clean your gutters, we recommend twice yearly or once every 6 months.

Neglecting to clear your gutters could cause significant and costly damage to your home, so regular cleaning makes fiscal and responsible sense as a homeowner or tenant.

a professional gutter cleaning
A professional gutter cleaning


How often should I clean my solar panels?

Solar panels lose their efficacy when not properly maintained. This means, you invested time and money into an energy system that could lose up to 40% of its energy-generating potential because it’s dirty or has collected debris.

The recommendation for solar panels is to clean them once every 6 months.

Gutter Maintenance and Solar Panels?

Gutter and solar panel maintenance needn’t feel like a chore, because the great thing is – they can be cleaned at the same time!

As they both require a regular clean every 6 months, you can clean them together or hire a professional who can clean them at the same time for you.

So, if you’re wondering:

You don’t need to worry or frantically Google the answers.

Cleaning a Melbourne roof with solar panels
Cleaning a Melbourne roof with solar panels

Choosing a professional to clean your gutters and solar panels is:

Both gutters and solar panels require twice-yearly maintenance to keep them servicing your home as expected. Save yourself the hassle and avoid putting yourself in danger by hiring experienced professionals to get the job done right.

PorterVac’s 5-star rated (Google) service will maintain your gutters, extending their life. And, while we’re there, we can clean your solar panels, ensuring they run at optimal energy generation and cleaned in a manner that will not damage them but extend their life.

If you choose to hire PorterVac to complete your gutter maintenance, we can clean your solar panels at the same time. Your bookings can run on a 6-monthly basis, meaning you don’t need to book us over and over again; we’ll turn up as agreed and get the job done.

Reach out to PorterVac today and step into a worry-free world where gutter cleaning is no longer your concern but our commitment.

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