What To Do If Your Gutters Are Overflowing

Uh oh, your gutters are overflowing! Do they look like this:

And has the blocked gutter led to overflowing rain like this:

Melbourne has had some tough rain this year and it looks like we’re in for more, even through the summer. So, residents around Victoria are going to need to keep a careful eye on their gutters, particularly this year, to make sure they don’t overflow.

But what can you do if your gutters are overflowing?

What should you do if your gutters are overflowing?

If your gutters are overflowing with leaves and/or overflowing with excess water when it rains, then you’ve got time to act, but it needs to be quick. Any blocked gutters that are causing overflowing rainwater are already a danger to your property.

You might not see any damage to the property, but this could mean 2 things:

  1. So far, you’ve been lucky, and you have a chance to address any blocked gutters
  2. There’s internal damage that you can’t see as water can back up into the roof and create damage that may not be visible

Gutters need to be cleared regularly, whether you rent of own your home. More on that here.

So, how can you tell if a gutter is overflowing?

How can you tell if a gutter is overflowing?

The easiest way to spot if a gutter is overflowing is when it rains. You’ll see a consistent drip out of the gutters, not directed away from the properly.

Something that looks like this:

If you spot any significant drips like this around your property during inclement weather, then you need to check your gutters ASAP to ensure they’re not blocked and can direct water away from the roof.

It could also be the case that you haven’t spotted any significant drips, but you do spot some water damage in your home like this:

Unfortunately, this resident didn’t notice they had blocked gutters and during some heavy rain, instead of spilling out over the gutters, the water overflowed back up their roof through their tiles and it’s caused some light damage to the plaster. Damage like this is big warning sign that gutters are overflowing.

In both cases, these residents have been somewhat lucky there wasn’t more significant damage, but if the gutters aren’t cleaned soon there could be and it could become costly.

If there hasn’t been any rain and you want to know if you gutters are blocked and could start overflowing you can visually inspect your own gutters or contact gutter cleaning professionals who can help.

Clearing your overflowing gutters so they’re free of debris and there’s no opportunity for rainwater to overflow is essential for protecting the life of your roof and property.

How should I clean my gutters?

We have provided some helpful information on when and how often to clean your gutters.

As for the how – you can do it yourself, but it’s far safer to call in the gutter cleaning professionals who can check the conditions of your gutters, clear them safely leaving no mess and advise on any damage or repairs required to keep your gutters in good condition.

If your gutters are overflowing, it’s a warning sign that your gutters are blocked and need clearing before any damage can be done to your property.

If you have forgotten or didn’t know you needed to clean your gutters then an overflowing gutters is a sharp reminder to get on top of that job before it causes expensive damage down the line.

Make sure you call in a gutter cleaning professional to help you keep on top of your gutters and prevent them from overflowing.


What should you do if your gutters are overflowing?

They will need clearning as a matter of urgency before any inclement weather.

How can I tell if my gutters are overflowing?

You may see trickles or gushing water pouring out of your gutters during rain. You can also visually inspect your gutters or have a professional gutter cleaning service check for you.

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