Can Clean Gutters Lower Your Home Insurance Premium?

Melbourne homeowners who reduced their home insurance premium with clean gutters
Melbourne homeowners who reduced their home insurance premium with clean gutters

Clients have asked us, ‘Can I reduce my home insurance fee if I keep my gutters clean?’

We are going to address this question for others who might be curious. So, whether you’re one of our customers or found us by Googling the question: does keeping my gutters clean reduce my home insurance cost? We will do our best to answer that for you here.

Gutter cleaning on home insurance costs

From the outset, we can find no clear evidence that a property with clean gutters would be eligible for a reduced home insurance premium. That means that when you contact an insurance company for a quote, it is unlikely that their quote will be impacted based on your report that your gutters remain clean.

This decision ultimately stands with individual insurance companies and the policy you select, but we have been unable to find one within Australia that would offer such an excellent incentive.

Pressure washing gutters clean in Melbourne
Pressure washing gutters clean in Melbourne

Where clean gutters can reduce your insurance costs

Maintaining your gutters and keeping them clean will reduce the chance of water damage, mould, rot, etc., on the property. This, in turn, reduces the likelihood that you’ll need to claim your home insurance for the damage and/or gutter repairs. With most insurance companies, the longer your no-claims history, the more enticing you are as an insurance customer, and you typically expect your premium to decrease.

In short, if you look after your gutters and keep them clean, they will protect your property more efficiently, meaning you won’t need to claim on your insurance and reduce the cost of your insurance premiums.

Home Insurance for Gutter Repair

If you’re here because you were Googling whether your home insurance will cover water damage from overflowing gutters, then the answer is no.

We have information on that question and more common gutter-cleaning misconceptions here.

Keep your home safe and reduce your home insurance costs with a healthy no-claims history by staying on top of your gutters.

Reach out to PorterVac today and step into a worry-free world where gutter cleaning is no longer your concern but our commitment.

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