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It is important to maintain your roof to properly keep the weather out of your home or business. When it comes to roof maintenance of any building, small problems can become bigger problems if you don’t attend to them quickly. While PorterVac’s flagship service is gutter cleaning, our team are also qualified and trained roofing maintenance specialists and tilers, offering roof repair services for homes and businesses. While gutter cleaning is an important aspect of any roof maintenance regime, PorterVac also offer a complete roof restoration service in Melbourne, starting with a free roof condition report when you next get your gutters cleaned.

With so much experience with roof tiling and maintenance, we offer to you some useful articles with roof maintenance tips that will improve the value of your home and protect yourself against costly roof related problems.

Roof Maintenance Articles

Roof Flashing Repairs to Prevent Leaks

Shingles and tiles are the primary components of the roof that shield your home from water. While damaged shingles can cause leaks, there are other roof parts that help create a watertight seal. Around the chimney, roof edges, and other roof structures, you may notice metal strips. These strips are roof flashing and they help…
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Roof Leak Repairs: Can You Afford to Let Them Go?

You may not think that a minor roof leak is a major concern. Unfortunately, even a small leak can have devastating cumulative effects if it is not dealt with quickly. Identifying and fixing any leak quickly may save you thousands of dollars on house repairs. Examine some of the main reasons why you cannot afford…
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A Property Owner’s Guide to Roof Repointing and Rebedding

A healthy roof is essential to the health of the rest of your property. If you have an older home, it may still feature cement mortar for the roof pointing. The cement can crack or break, allowing roof tiles to loosen or shift. Explore the benefits of replacing the cement mortar with flexible pointing compounds.…
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