A Customer Testimonial: Kate from Croydon South

A customer from Croydon South, Victoria (in Melbourne’s East) got in touch as she’d had some minor water damage on her property built in the late 60s.

In fact, we used a picture of Kate’s roof in one of our blog posts late last year – a reminder on how to check if your gutters are blocked.

She was lucky as this minor damage was an indicator that there was something wrong, most likely blocked gutters or a tile that has cracked or shifted that needed addressing before more costly or serious damage could occur.

water damage on a roof in Croydon South

Kate called PorterVac after finding us online and seeing our 5-star reviews on Google. She was particularly interested in a roof and gutter assessment to see what could be causing the water damage.

Her family had lived in the property for a couple of years and since they’d moved in, they’d had a few incidents of water damage in the roof visible by these unsightly stains in the plaster. Melbourne’s heavy drenching from 2022/2023’s La Nina exacerbated the problem and Kate decided it was time to get in roofing professionals who could take a thorough look.

“I wanted a check of our roof and gutters to get some professional advice on immediate problems that needed fixing, but to also assess the situation and see if there would be more headaches coming our way. A bit of futureproofing, I guess you could call it.” Kate

The property has old terracotta roof tiles, and these can cause issues for homeowners.

Terracotta roof tiles dry out and become brittle, especially in our beautiful sunshine. For poor Kate and her family, this meant that any tradies that attended her property that needed to access the roof inevitably cracked the tiles which had caused additional water damage since they moved in.

a property in Croydon South with terracotta tiles

One of our Team, Adam, attended her property and had a look at the damage. To Kate’s surprise, he didn’t see any significant damage, just a customer that needs to keep on top of their blocked gutters.

There were no immediate concerns for this family on this occasion, but we did recommend a more through roof assessment for the new year. We were also able to provide Kate a quote for some replacement terracotta tiles, which she was thrilled about as they had run out of spare tiles due to recent tradie work cracking them all.

Given Portervac has access to over 500,000 roof tiles from their tile yard in Mulgrave, this made finding the closest match to Kates roof quick and easy.

Kate was happy to hear that her roof was in a stable condition.

In some circumstances a roofing company might see this as an opportunity to quote for unnecessary services, but not at PorterVac. We provide clear, honest advice that’s in the best interest of the client, even if doesn’t mean an immediate project for us.

We work with our clients on a long-term basis, looking after your roof year after year and trust and a strong relationship is essential to the success of a business like ours.

“I’m really happy with the guys at PorterVac. I got them in during a really busy time thanks to the heavy rains in Victoria, but they were able to visit our property and reassure me that my roof was fine. Consider me warned, I need to stay on top of my gutters!”

roofing specialists in Melbourne

Are you concerned about the condition of your roof? Get in the roofing experts to assess its condition and futureproof your property.

Get in touch to organise an appointment.

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