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When working on roofs, safety is paramount. Ladder falls and accidents when working at heights is always dangerous, even if you are fit and healthy. Minimising your risk from injury while using ladders or going up on the roof is our motivation to offer some blog articles dealing with roof safety issues. As roof gutter cleaning specialists, safety cannot be compromised and we take professional pride in our approach to it. Our gutter cleaners go onto roofs every day, so we are well placed to contribute to the discussion.

If you contact PorterVac for a gutter clean, we not only provide you with clean roof gutters with before and after photos, but we also provide you with a free roof condition report that will let you know about any damage or safety concerns. It is always best to let well-trained, experienced and properly equipped specialists do the risky stuff for you where possible.

Please read on to get useful safety tips, advice and news about roof and ladder safety. Make sure you are safe if you happen to be on a roof or otherwise at heights.

Roof Safety Articles

Ladder Fall Injuries Increase as People Prepare for Storms

As the beginning of Summer in Victoria was met with forecasts of a severe downpour and flood warnings, people swung into action to prepare for the coming storms. As a result, a sudden spike in ladder fall injuries occurred across the state from people hurrying to clear their roof gutters. This is a phenomenon that…
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How To Safely Climb A Roof

There may be times where you need to get up on your roof due to noticeable problems from the ground. Before climbing it is very important to ensure you have the right equipment. It is recommended that you have a ladder that is suitable for the height of your wall, breaking strain rope, comfortable shoes…
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