There may be times where you need to get up on your roof due to noticeable problems from the ground. Before climbing it is very important to ensure you have the right equipment. It is recommended that you have a ladder that is suitable for the height of your wall, breaking strain rope, comfortable shoes with good grip, and also a safety harness. Although it may seem a bit excessive, it is very important to make sure you are not risking your safety when climbing a roof.

Here are some useful steps to make sure you can successfully climb your roof without any safety problems.

  1. To get on top of your roof, you’ll need to use an extension ladder. It is important to ensure the ladder is extended 1m higher than the gutter or roof. it is also essential to make sure that the angle of ladder is ‘4 in 1’ meaning that for every 4m you go up, you come out 1m from the line of the gutter. Make sure you also always face the ladder, do not overreach and keep 3 points of contact with it at all times (hand on the stile and both feet).
  2. Make sure you are wearing a harness connected to a safety rope that is securely anchored.
  3. Tie the safety rope to a fixed structure such as a tree or even the house. It is important to use a knot that is strong but easy to undo, such as a bowline knot.
  4. Put on the safety harness you have and make sure it is properly adjusted to fit you. To put it on you should step through the leg holes, bring it over your shoulders and do up the chest buckle.
  5. Before climbing the ladder, reach out to the rope and pull on it so it is taut. Make sure you tie a knot and then hook the harness through the loop.
  6. You are now ready to climb the ladder and go onto the roof safely. While you are on the roof make sure you only walk on metal roofs, on front of roof tiles that are thick and supported by timber underneath. Make sure you keep your balance and that your movements are not too fast. The harness is only there as a last resort, so make sure you are still being wary of your safety.
  7. Reach further up the rope and tie a second knot. Make sure you are balanced so you can unclip the harness from the first knot you made and clip it into the second one. Carefully continue up the roof while you unclip and re-clip. It is best not to pull on it as it is there only if you slip.

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