Ladder Fall Injuries Increase as People Prepare for Storms

We’re lucky to live in one of the most liveable cities in the world, but with it comes our inclement summers, and this year is no different; we’re forever braced for forecasts of severe downpours and flood warnings.

As such, many Melbournians are getting their ladders out and DIY cleaning their gutters to protect their homes from water damage.

Whilst gutter cleaning is essential for a home and as a specialist gutter cleaning company we say kudos to those residents, it has also led to a spike in ladder fall injuries across the state.

An increase in ladder-related injuries is a phenomenon that tends to happen leading up to forecasted storms and it creates preventable tragedies far too frequently.

So, we want to promote safe roof preparation for storm season.

Melbournian climbing a dangerous ladder to clean their gutters

12 Victorians Injured While Cleaning Roof Gutters Preparing for the Storm

12 people were injured preparing for Melbourne’s monster storm from falling from a ladder while cleaning their roof gutters. The most serious incident was a Castlemaine man in his 80s with critical head and spinal injuries. The others sustained head and back injuries, bruises and fractures. Ambulance Victoria director of emergency management Paul Holman appealed to those preparing for storms to avoid taking the risk of climbing a ladder and to consider getting a professional to do the work. It isn’t worth the risk of serious injury to get up on a ladder with a sense of urgency that comes with storm preparation.

Schedule a 6 Monthly Gutter Clean

Planning ahead is the best method for preparing your roof for storm season, safely.

Booking in a specialist gutter cleaning company early will help you avoid any sudden and unexpected storms from causing damage from blocked gutters. But, really, you’re never too late – the best time to book is right now.

Booking a professional gutter cleaner in ahead of new storms also will give you peace of mind that the job is done so you can re-focus your attention and energy into other important preparations.

Professionals are Invested in Safety and Results

When you get gutter cleaning professionals involved, they bring safety equipment for working at heights which minimises risk. PorterVac have scissor lifts to keep the team off ladders as much as possible. Our team are experienced on roofs and have a superb track record in safety, plus they are fully insured in case of injury or property damage should any be caused on the job.

Our commercial grade truck mounted vacuum system makes the job much faster than getting on a ladder and scooping up the leaves and debris manually. The system sucks away detritus into the machine to save time and back problems from sweeping up the fallen debris.

After photo of clean gutter

Protect Your Home from Storms Without Risking Your Life

We all want to protect our property from floods and storm damage but preparing for the worst shouldn’t put you or a loved one’s body at risk unnecessarily.

Minimising the need to use ladders will significantly reduce the risk of a serious injury, So, get ahead of the crowd on storm damage prevention by getting your gutters cleaned early – it’s the best way to avoid damage to your home or family.

Get some piece of mind from storm damage to your home, talk to PorterVac about setting up a gutter cleaning schedule on 1300 833 399, or contact us for a free quote.

Is cleaning your own gutters dangerous?

Yes, many are injured every year in ladder-related incidents.

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