With Spring Here, it’s Time for a Roof Gutter Clean


With Spring in the air and the cold weather beginning its retreat, now is the perfect time to get the roof guttering clean and clear, ready for the hot spells to come and bushfire season.

Why Is Early Spring the Perfect Time to get the Roof Gutters Cleaned?

The warmer weather and vibrancy of Spring in the air brings a zest of energy and purpose to our lives as nature comes out of dormancy with all its glorious beauty and colour. As the wet and cold weather recedes, early Spring is the time when more sunny days are available to get property maintenance jobs done and get everything looking good and working properly.

Prevent Damage from Thunderstorms

This winter brought us a lot of wind and rain, as well as an impressive snow season in Victoria and New South Wales. Over the next few months there may be storms and more rain, so now is the time during the sunny days to get your roof guttering and downpipes cleared of leaves and debris to reduce the risk of flooding and structural water damage that could result from a heavy downpour. Blocked downpipes can potentially cause $1000s in damage to the plaster and interior of your home or business due to water damage from poor roof drainage. The PorterVac team have seen this happen too many times, where rain water pools in the roof cavity, causing all kinds of expensive damage.

In Brisbane, the thunderstorms tend to roll in around November, making September and October the window of opportunity to make sure your roof guttering and downpipes are clean and properly maintained. The frequency of storms in Sydney and Melbourne start to increase through the warmer months, making early Spring the best time of year apart from Autumn for gutter cleaning.

Prepare for Bushfire Season Now

As the weather warms up and the vegetation dries out, so does the risk of bushfires. Dry leaves, twigs and other debris present a serious fire hazard during late spring and summer. Removing this risk before vegetation dries out and bushfire season begins is a smart move that is recommended by fire fighters. Bushfires can strike suddenly and unexpectedly, so now is the time to prepare for it.

Prevent Pest Infestations

All kinds of critters share this great country with us, and many can have a negative effect on human health. A lot can happen in 6 months, such as animals dying on your roof and decomposing, pooping and croaking and breeding insects and so forth. Spring is the time when whatever family of critters or creepy crawlies that’s gotten involved with your roof will soon be manifesting into a proper nuisance. A pre-emptive strike through timely maintenance of your roof gutters, including an inspection of the rest of the roof can head off any nasty surprises or smells in store for you in the coming months.

Roof Gutter Cleaning Frequency

For most homes and commercial buildings, the roof gutters should only need a thorough cleaning once every 12 months. It might be required more frequently if the property has a lot of trees overhanging or near the roof, in which case it is recommended every 6 months or so. The other perfect time for gutter cleaning is during Autumn to make sure your roof isn’t susceptible to blockage when the rain comes and winter sets in.

After your first gutter clean from PorterVac, the frequency needed to make sure your gutters and downpipes are clear is assessed and a timeline worked out with you depending on how much debris is expected to accumulate.

Making it Easy for Property Managers and Landlords

Keeping the roof properly maintained on an investment property is made easy for property managers and landlords choosing PorterVac as their service provider. With professional job booking facilities and consultants, you can depend on us to make the whole process hassle free with minimal impact on your tenants enjoyment of the property.

Get Your Roof Gutters Professionally Cleaned in Melbourne

Hopefully you are convinced of the importance of putting the roof gutter cleaning on the to-do list for this spring, but it’s easier said than done. Booking in a professional service that specialises in gutter cleaning can save you time as well as having to get up on a ladder without all the specialist tools for the job. PorterVac use proper safety gear and the team are all qualified and experienced roof tilers. They also leave no mess and get the job done quickly and efficiently. We understand how home maintenance can get away from you. We want to keep your roof drainage in A1 condition and appreciate the importance it holds for your greatest asset.

Call PorterVac on 1300 833 399 or get an online quote for professional gutter cleaning and roof maintenance services for spring and take the stress out of maintaining your roof and gutters.

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