6 Expensive Problems Caused by Clogged Gutters

It might seem as if you are saving time and money on not clearing your roof gutters of leaves and other debris, but what about the long-term health of your property?  Find out why regular gutter cleaning to deal with clogged gutters is important to the health of your property investment.

How Your Roof Gutters Protect Your Building

When it rains, the surface of your roof gets hit by a lot of water. To put the amount of water involved in perspective, if a rain shower produced 1mm of rain, each square metre of roof surface will get by 1 litre of water. The guttering attached to the roof is designed to collect and channel the rain water into a downpipe and into an underground storm water drain. Without a properly maintained and working gutter, a heavy downpour can create a lot of potentially expensive problems for your building that are easily preventable.

Roof Damage

Without proper drainage, rain water can get backed up and the constant contact with the edging and underlying materials inside the roof can cause corrosion and rot. Rotting wood can not only induce fungus and insect infestations, but also major structural damage and in the worst case cause your roof to collapse. While a cared for and well-maintained tile roof should last between 35 to 50 years, the lifespan is likely to be shortened if the guttering and downpipe are not kept clear.

Gutter Damage

Build up of dirt and leaves can prevent rain water drainage, creating pools of water to collect and sit for long periods of time. The stagnant water will eventually create rusting if left to stand too long. The rust can create holes or weaken the joins and attachments to the roof. Not only can rust eventually create the need to replace your gutters, but loose guttering can also pose a risk of injury if they detach and fall onto someone.

Damage to Foundations

If a lot of rain water isn’t getting drained away from your property, it can seep into your building foundations and damage the slab. Exposing a building’s foundations to damp can cause the slab to deteriorate or it could shift in soggy soil. Old or low-cost housing is especially susceptible to foundation damage from poor roof drainage. Buildings that are affected by a damaged foundation can cost serious amounts to fix running into the tens of thousands of your hard-earned money.

Landscaping/Garden Damage

If your gutters are not providing proper drainage during a heavy downpour, a lot of that water can build up around the building. Too much of this can create flooding and damage to landscaping and foliage.

Damage to Walls, Doors and Veranda

The excess water that spills over from clogged guttering can fall onto surfaces such as walls, doors, windows and verandas support beams. Wooden surfaces subjected to too much contact with water can rot. When rot sets in, window frames, doors and other fittings lose their integrity, crumble and break.

Prevent the Damage with a Professional Gutter Clean

While cleaning the gutters is easy to neglect, getting it done at least every 6 months is a smart investment in the longevity of your building. Hiring a professional gutter cleaner will also save you or a loved one from having to get up a ladder and risk injury. PorterVac use commercial grade gutter vacuum technology that is safe, efficient and leaves no mess behind. Contact PorterVac or call 1300 833 399 and schedule your next gutter clean.

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