4 Costly Mistakes Property Owners Make Regarding Roof Guttering

Mistake #1: Waiting for gutters to start overflowing before getting them cleaned

By the time your gutters are overflowing in heavy rainfall it is already to late. There is every chance that water has already found its way into your roof, eaves and plaster boards, which can cost thousand of dollars to repair. By doing regular checks and having a professional vacuum gutter clean every 6 months you will protect your investment.

Mistake #2: Not checking gutters after heavy storms or powerful winds

We all get busy, especially when bad weather hits there can be a number of extra duties you need to attend to around the home. But this is exactly the time when you need to make sure your roof and guttering has held up as it should and there are no potential problems waiting to burst. After heavy storms or powerful winds you must examine your roof or have a professional come and give you peace of mind that everything is working fine.

Mistake #3: Hiring the lowest price company

You may be thinking of taking the cheapest option, but there are two important points you need to consider… Point #1: The price that is offered on the website or Ad may not include all the services you want or need to be performed. You must decide exactly what you want accomplish before you select a company. If you simply want to get rid of some of the leaves on your roof there are many companies who will come in with a leaf blower and clean out the easy to reach blockages. If you want a deep down clean that really clears out downpipes, collects all grime and muck in those hard to reach places and provides a long lasting solution, then you need to be careful when selecting a company based on price.
Point #2: The price you are quoted may not be the price you pay I take no pleasure in saying this but there are still some unethical companies in our industry that will promote ridiculously low prices just to get into your home and then once they have started all the extra charges (for things that should be included anyway) start popping up. When you work with a reputable company such as PorterVac, you’ll know exactly how much you will pay and exactly what services you’ll receive before one minute of work begins.

Mistake #4: Using gutter guards (covers that go over your gutter)

Many gutter guard products have entered the market over the years and I am yet to find one that can do a complete job in protecting your house from rust, corrosion and water damage. Many of the cheaper brands have large grates that capture more debris than they remove and are also not UV rated, so after a few months in the elements they begin to disintegrate. Even the more expensive systems (some very expensive), which can be difficult to install are great a keeping leaves out of your gutter, but the other 60% of dirt, grime, twigs and debris simply slips through the cracks and start to breakdown in your gutters, causing rust and corrosion that you cannot see because of the guard. I am called out every week to repair problems caused by gutter guards purchased from companies who don’t stand behind their products. In fact many of these products require you have your roofs professionally pressure cleaned every 6 months to receive their warranty (which ends up costing more that getting your gutters cleaned professionally in the first place.) In my 17-years in the roofing industry the only gutter protection system I’ve seen that works is to have your gutters regularly cleaned by a professional vacuum gutter cleaner.

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