How To Know When to Clean Your Gutters

There are a number of ways to identify when it is finally time to get your roof gutters cleaned:

Damp and mould

Mould can start to grow inside and out of your home, due to water overflowing from a roof gutter.

Leaky roofs and saggy ceilings

Water can also leak from you roof into ceiling cavities, which may cause them to sag and also collapse.

Splash back damage

The area exposed to the splash back of water suffers from penetrating damp, paint being peeled, and wood behind the wall is also damaged.

Rotting wood

The wood behind your walls can start to rot, as the water from clogged gutters may break down and decompose the wood.

Cracks in the foundation

Blocked gutters can also force water to flow directly onto the foundation wall of your home, which can cause mould growth and major cracking.

Ruined landscaping

Blocked roof gutters can destroy expensive landscaping as the water can cause holes to occur, which results in over watered plants and unsightly dips in the topography of a yard.


Insects and others pests may also occur inside and outside your home due to the build up of debris and mould caused by blocked gutters.

At PorterVac, our experienced team of qualified roof tilers and roof gutter cleaning professionals can ensure your gutters are cleaned quicker, without any mess and at cheaper costs! We provide the total roof maintenance package in Melbourne as we provide professional roof gutter cleaning as well as roofing repairs.

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