In the High Stakes Game of Gutter Cleaning, Who Will Prevail?

The cost barriers to entry to getting equipped to offer a gutter cleaning service has dramatically dropped in the past year or so, and as a result there have been many newcomers and tradies offering it. While the plummeting price of time-saving technology is a wonderful thing, simply possessing easily affordable equipment to do the job doesn’t necessarily give the best value to their customers.

Gutter Cleaning can be a VERY Cheap Start-up Business

The gutter cleaning business has always been very easy to get into with just a ladder and gloves and some old-fashioned elbow grease, although that method is difficult, dangerous work as well as time consuming. Results from the manual method is often inconsistent, with mess either left behind for the homeowner to deal with or in any case the leaves and debris needs to be cleaned up after cleaning the gutters. Alarm bells should certainly be ringing if anyone turns up to clean your roof gutters on “hard mode” as video gamers would put it. There are no extra prizes for making a job as difficult as possible for yourself.

Hand-held gutter vacuum cleaners hit the hardware stores years ago and are now quite cheap. These tools leave behind less mess, but are heavy and can create a dangerous balance issue when carrying it up and down from the roof. A cowboy gutter cleaner might get away with using one of these in the domestic market, but for commercial jobs, using a hand-held gutter vacuum would be completely unacceptable.

Even more recently, the cost of entry-level commercial grade gutter vacuum systems has sharply fallen. A tradie can now hitch a trailer with a high-powered vacuum system for as little as $5,000. This option is certainly safer and more efficient than either doing it on hard mode or using a domestic market toy for the job, but a lot also depends on the quality of the “rig” they are using. Getting in at the cheap end of the vacuum gutter market might look like a no-brainer investment, but a lot can go wrong with inferior equipment and frequent replacement can really sting the cash flow. The seemingly low entry costs to the gutter cleaning industry makes it easy to jump in, but many will find that they didn’t think it through and won’t make it very long in the game.

Roofing Specialist versus the Jack of All Trades

Some people like to imagine the ideal super tradie, who can handle any task they are given, from landscaping, carpentry, concreting and roofing through to painting elegant murals or creating mosaics. Such multi-talented people may exist, but they are rare. For most of us mortals, spreading your talents and experience too thin can mean can become self-defeating. That’s why we recruit our talent pool from qualified and experienced roof tilers and offer a specialised gutter cleaning service. By drawing talent from the roofing trades and further training them in our tried and proven methods and equipment, you will be dealing people who know exactly what they are doing.

 Are They Easy to Contact and Communicate With?

If the only contact available is a mobile phone number, you’re probably going to have trouble getting through. It usually indicates a very small business, which would be confirmed if answered while already on a job. Using a 13 or 1300 number as a business contact backed by a brand that depends on offering great customer service to maintain its market reputation inspires a lot more confidence. PorterVac has a dedicated in-house call centre in the same building where the gutter cleaning specialists are dispatched from.

Are They Accountable for Their Mistakes?

It should go without saying that anyone who goes on your property to do work should have the appropriate insurance to cover any damages or other liabilities. It’s a good idea to make sure they do, but real integrity and professionalism in the character of the people you do business with is just as important. Even the best of us make mistakes occasionally, but owning it and taking responsibility sets the professional apart from the all too common “shonky tradies” that we see on those current affairs shows. From the very beginning, PorterVac has instilled in employees that the goodwill gained by taking an honest approach to dealing with mistakes far outweighs the costs. Before and after photos are taken of the roof on every job so that you can see the results for yourself. In situations where tiles are broken or other roof damage occurs from our team members, this can usually be fixed on the spot at no cost to you because they are all roofing specialists.

No Mess Professional Gutter Cleaning for Home & Business

PorterVac promotes gutter cleaning as the core business, so we have invested in making the service as safe, efficient and customer friendly as possible. Every job is important to us and every client gets VIP service because we’ve developed the systems behind our team members to deliver consistently great results.

Simply give us a call on 1300 833 399 or complete our quote form for a fast cost estimate on our gutter cleaning services available in Melbourne.

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