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Getting a quick satellite image of your property over Google Maps gives us a really accurate picture of your home.

Roofing Harnesses are mandatory on every single job were on ! Safety First!

Why Use Portervac for Gutter Cleaning in Brisbane?

  • A roofing report on every job to show of an issues straight away.
  • Our no mess vacuum suction system sucks all debris down a 50M hose onto the back of our trucks.
  • Photos before and after – So you know what work was carried out.
  • No job to big or small – Whether its one section of gutter or a full residential village – We can do it!
  • We can cater to commercial jobs and do them regularly.
  • Get the team that takes safety first to a whole new level – without subtracting the end result !
  • Working at heights certified.

Keeping your Roofing / Guttering in good condition should be at the top of any home owners list !

Debris in gutters may not be obvious at times, But if left to long can cause some very expensive problems…

Something as simple as a blocked down pipe can cause the water flow to pool and go over the eaves in your roof cavity, Causing some expensive damage – The longer its left the harder it is to fix !

Our services don’t just stop there as Qualified roof tilers we can provide a number of solutions :

  • Leak Detection
  • Repairing / Replacing of a broken roof tile.
  • Re-bedding (replacing the cement structure that sits under your ridge tiles)
  • Pointing (flexible waterproof sealant that goes over your cement mortar)
  • Full Re-Sprays of roofs (using a 4 coat system 2 base coats , protectant sealant coat , gloss coat)

We Take The Mess & The Stress Away!

What is our process on every job ?

  • We aim to do the job in an efficient time, but never at the cost of the final product
  • We have state of the art equipment, designed to carry out gutter cleaning to its full extent
  • Our whole team are Working At Heights Certified
  • If we come across immediate roof repairs that are needed while cleaning gutters, We are one of the only teams that can do this on the day.

So let us take care of your gutter cleaning needs in Brisbane. Call us today!